Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GolfGal In Texas: Golfer's Delight; Top Golf/Dallas

Saturday was a beautiful day and my husband and I felt like getting outside, a good day to check out the TOP GOLF facility in Dallas.  Wow!!!,  what a delight.  A huge facility with a two-level driving range with lots of bays for driving and chipping into large targets.  The little balls have microchips so you can practice your skills while playing a game of accuracy for rewards or have just plain fun for all ages.  I said to my husband, "This looks like someone was in a exclusive bowling alley and said someone needs to do this for Golf."  So they did.  To our surprise dogs (Emily and Bella) were welcome all around the facility so we took them for a walkabout after we toured the facility ourselves.  On the side of the facility is a large putt-putt (see picture I posted below) with three levels of terrain from which to choose and batting cages.  There is also a separate facility for catered events/parties. 

We were very impressed with the cost to play.  You get a bucket of 20 balls for $5.80 (early birds $3.80).  There are bulk buy specials too.  Children cost less.  If you are a frequent driver/chipper, passes are available and of course more exclusive Membership Options.  If you do not have clubs, they are provided. (Just like the bowling shoes or the ski rentals :) )

There are chipping and putting greens for practicing a short game.  That was our focus, so we decided to putt-putt awhile so I could get a feel for my new putter.  I am still a little awkward with my grip. I am considering getting my putter regripped to a larger grip.  However, I learned from the Golfsmith pro where I bought my set, if I concentrated on putting my elbows out I had a better pendulum swing and control.  It worked for me.  I did fairly well with my putter, except for a few holes where I had like EIGHT shots trying to hit the cup that totally blew my putt-putt score.  I have heard a number of channel...books...people, that the game of golf is won on the greens.  I can see where that is so true.  Sometimes the simplest shots are the ones that give you the most trouble.  Such is life on the course.  FORE!!

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