Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anyone Golfing Today?

Sorry readers, I have been out of commission.  It seems I have pulled a muscle in my neck and it has dibilitated me a bit.  I was wondering if anyone out there has any experiences they wish to share???  I would love to hear about any experiences from my readers.  Anyone care to share??  FORE

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adidas Isabelle Golf Shoes...I love them so will you!!!

I wanted to give you some feedback about the performance of the golf shoes I recently purchased. A couple months ago I got my first pair of Adidas Isabelle Golf Shoes.  I struggled over several different pairs of shoes before making a final decision.  As I mentioned in previous blogs, I have a very high arch and narrow heel.  It is usually a problem for me when wearing shoes for any length of time.  My feet begin to hurt severely if I wear cheaper shoes that provide little support or rub my heel when walking.

The Adidas Isabelle Golf Shoes felt like I was walking on cushions for hours and hours.  After finishing 18 holes of golf, my feet did not hurt at all.  The heel was protected from rubbing, the arch was supported well and the overall comfort was very satisfying.  I am extremely pleased with my purchase and I can say without reservation....I will acquire a rack of Adidas Golf Shoes in various colors and styles to complement my golfgal attire.  For the first pair I wanted basic white which goes with anything I wear. I have suggested a couple links on this site for sports gear and clothing.  Have fun finding a style to compliment your game.   I chose hard plastic cleats and I can tell you these shoes clean up really well afterwards.

Months before I started to actually play my husband took me along with him to the golfcourse and I would drive the golf cart while he played.  I noticed that as players finished they would drive the golfcart to their respective cars to unload and I would here a funny noise..pop...pop..pop.  I did not pay it any mind really.

It was now the first time I wore my new golf shoes and it was as we unloaded at our car that my husband took off his shoes and hit them together making that funny noise...pop...pop...pop.  Oh, I said to him, that is the funny little noise that I have been hearing in the parking lot.  He asked me to take off my shoes and do the same to clean them.  I did not think they would be that dirty until I turned them over and looked at the collection of green mucky material attached to my cleats.  Yuck, I said as I proceeded to follow his lead and made that funny little noise too,  Pop..pop..pop.   I re-examined the cleats and to my surprise the muck was gone. Amazing little trick I said, and we just smiled.  Another fun fact for the Golfgal In Texas.  FORE!!!