Friday, January 21, 2011

Golfgal in Texas: 10 rules to Follow While Learning from 'Golf For Dummies'

Waiting...waiting for a warmer day to get started on my first series of lessons. My new clubs are crying out like a new baby for its' mama.  It is torture for the new you mama's know.  McCord, the writer of Golf For Dummies now to be referred to as the Wise Guy...says, "Stay Calm.  Anxious people don't make good pupils."  So I guess I have to stop stressing and take a deep breath.


Rule #1:  Find a good teacher and stick with that person.  If you have been following my blog, you know that my husband purchased lessons for me for Christmas.  I spoke with my instructor and I think we have a good rapport.  So I think I have this one covered.

Rule #2:  Follow a timetable. Discipline yourself to work on what you've been told.    Hopefully the weather will cooperate and my lessons will flow well.  As for the discipline....well...I try to follow direction.

Rule #3:  CONCENTRATE....(I think I took my Selenium today)

Rule #4:  Learn from your mistakes You'll make them, so you may as well make them work for you.     Yah, yah..The old saying....try.. try.. again.

Rule #5:   RELAX.  Take your time, and you'll learn and play better.   I have seen lots of others rush their golf games as quickly and I have always wondered if the 'enjoyment factor' was compromised.  I know that we have to be careful about lallygagging on the greens, but I also believe that golf is played better when in a relaxed state of mind. 

Rule #6:  Practice the shots you find most difficult.   Yes, we are only as strong as our weakest iron, so I believe in this whole heartily.  Pump those irons!!!

Rule #7:  Have goals.  Remember, golf is a target game.   I have no preconceived ideas at this point.  I just want to finish a respectable 18 holes.

Rule #8:  Stay Positive.  Golf is hard enough.  A bad attitude only hurts you (and everyone else within ear shot).

Rule #9:  Stop practicing when you get tired.  That's how sloppy habits grow.  I followed this rule in my teens when performing gymnastics and it is so true.  It also can lead to serious injury.  There is always tomorrow.  Go have a Merlot and forget about it.

Rule #10:  Evaluate yourself after each lesson:  Are you making progress?   I plan to keep a note pad with me to jot down some ideas or thoughts after my lessons.  Even though in the past there have been occasions when I do not go back to read my notes, the act of writing notes helps me to retain better.  I learned that years ago.  A simple rule of learning that using more than two senses increases retention dramatically: seeing, hearing, and writing it down.  That is the ticket.      FORE!!!!!

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