Sunday, April 10, 2011

Master's 2011 Unbelievable Results Corrected

If you were like me today, you could not keep your eyes off the television that was tuned into the Masters.  There has not been a day of golf to match this day that I can ever remember.  The new younger fellows of the game are just soooo good.  Yesterday McIlroy was leading the way, but today it seemed that the pressure was a bit much for him and he imploded half way through the fourth round.  Tiger Woods was having a fabulous first 9 holes climbing to tie for first place with McIlroy only to then miss two three foot putts bringing him back down the ranks.  There was a moment I believed that he was going to take it all the way...but something happened to  his momentum and he ended the day tied for third at 10 under.  At one point in the final holes of the fourth round there was a five way tie for first place.  That was the first time this happened in 100 years. The Winner of the Masters for 2011 was Charl  Schwartzel, A South African.  50 years ago, Gary Player a fellow South African won the Masters and not since that time has South Africa won the Masters.  If McIlroy would have continued his fabulous momentum, he would have been the first Australian to ever win the Masters.  Schwartzel closed his scorecard at 14 under.  What a fabulous ending to a great tournament.    We saw it over and over how important those putts are in the scope of the game.  Did you practice your putts today? 

Note to self:  Never write a blog while falling asleep.