Saturday, March 12, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect Sometimes....

Well, if you have been reading my blogs you know that I have been practicing with a passion my backswing with one arm.  Well it just so happens that my coach Travis reads my blog too.  Today I got an email from him that went something like this...."Hey Lisa, I noticed when I read your blog that when you practice that backswing with one arm you are supposed to be using your left arm only..not your right arm".  Now wouldn't ya just know it.  Shows you what a green horn I am at this game.  And Here I thought I was doing pretty good at my practices like a good girl.  Practice does make perfect when you do it right.   So I gotta start all over....and such is the game of golf.  Happy Backswing!!!  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect.....OK OK... I am practicing

You know how it goes after the inital adrenaline of getting started begins to fade and you are faced with the reality that what is left is..... practicing what you have learned.  Is it only me?  OK...I am practicing already.  I was encouraged to work on my backswing with one hand to get the feel of the motion.  Holding the club with the same grip but with only the right hand....taking it back.  Twisting the upper torso in slow motion.  Even the gremace seems to be in slow motion.  Coming down while shifting the weight through the hips and striking the ball to continue the twist with the upper torso.  What a workout.  I promised myself I would do this movement at least  25 times every morning.  After the third day, it seems to be a lot smoother.   So just maybe there is something to this homework assignment.  I feel the strengthening of that muscle group.  Travis says the muscle group needs to be trained for the motion over and over in slow motion to be very effective.  It will also help with relaxation.  I tend to get too tense and take the backswing a little too fast, throwing off the momentum and timing of the swing. 
 I know I am thinking too much....I just need to practice the slow motion of the backswing and follow through and shut up already.  I feel a golf day coming on.  sigh.

Buying the BirdieBalls make all the difference in offcourse practice.  Try them for yourself.  Easy to use, no chasing or loosing balls and the neighborhood is safe once more.  A great gift for Mother's or Father's day coming up.     FORE!!!