Saturday, March 5, 2011

Get a Grip!!

Putting has not been a strong suit for me while taking lessons and getting my feet wet on the greens over the past couple weeks.  While in Golfsmith a couple weeks ago, I studied the various grips and tried several putters in the demo area that had larger handgrips.  The putters were much easier to hold and control.  The putter I have been using seems to turn slightly causing my ball to miss the hole. Not good.  As I learned in lesson three, moving my head before the ball leaves the putter will cause this too.  So I need all th help I can get.  I needed to make a visit to Golfsmith for more balls so I thought this was as good a time as any to get a new grip for my putter.  After studying the available selection, I chose a larger square grip by Odyssey.  My husband liked it so much, he got one too. 

The professional waiting on us at Golfsmith replaced our grips as we watched.  It was very interesting.  He cut down the side of the old grip and ripped it right off.  He then put a piece of tape over the area on the shaft to receive the grip and soaked it down with a special liquid.  This liquid will cause the grip to slide on and adhere quickly.  He slid the new grip right onto the shaft and aligned it nicely.  Tadaa!  New grip.

When playing the last 18 holes, I state without hesitation, it was great putting. The feel of the larger grip was much more comfortable.  The control of the larger grip was also more favorable.  Try it you will like it.

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