Sunday, April 17, 2011

Results from the putting goal.

So how did we do?  No neither did I.  I could not get to 25 in a row at three feet.  It looks like I need a lot more practice, how about you?  I think I will start to go to 15 at three foot then graduate it up so I can also get practice at longer shots, since I was getting no practice there at all.  LOL.  Ok so let's go at it another week and see how we do.  In the meantime, how is the driving?  Well it is time to get serious and get the game going after that small break for healing on that pulled tendon.  By the way, thanks for the cards and letters.  See ya on the course, FORE!!!!  Oh by the way, TOP GOLF is getting ready to open in Allen, Texas.   It looks like it will house quite a few people at three tiers.  Maybe I will see you there. 

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