Friday, April 8, 2011

Practicing The Short Game

Working with the putter and a three foot distance can reduce your golf scores tremendously I have been told.  I believe that to be true as I watch the Masters on the Golf Channel.  McIlroy was in the lead at the end of round one with a score of 65.  He was on fire.  Yes, getting it on the green in one is awesome, but that putt makes all the difference on the ending score as proved yesterday by McIlroy.  The man just could not miss.

I have been working on my short game, moving from one side to another in the yard.  Travis Stockholm taught me to practice putts from three foot out until I can get 25 in a row.  Now that is determination.  When I get to 25, move the distance to six foot and do 25 in a row then to nine foot for the same.  He said if you miss to start all over again.    I find that this disciplined procedure is useful at several levels.  First and foremost, the shot goes into the cup.  Secondly, the mental discipline for keeping a steady control of emotion and not get frustrated is priceless.  Third, no gain....I always say.  If you feel the pain of having to start over, you will be more serious in trying to make the cup.  I think by applying this pressure to yourself, it helps you when it counts on the course.  Especially when playing under the pressure of a tournament.

Maybe I will feel good enough to play in a tournament by the end of the year.  Right now I still feel like I do not know enough about the rules of the game.  Even though I might play a good game, I would likely make a monkey out of myself by doing some sillly golf faux pas.

There is a 30 day writing challenge I am working on at the moment for HubPages that has kept me from playing any golf at the moment, but I am still thinking about it all the time.  (If you 're interested check it out at The Masters always captures my media time during this time of year.  If you are like me...I watch in awe at how easy the golfers make the game appear.  At the same time, I also see an occasional blunder..a missed putt.. a bad swing etc.  that helps me to understand that we are all still trying to Master the same game and anyone can make a blunder whether pro or foe.  If the pros can put one in the drink...well then there ya go.  I don't feel so bad.

Get that putter out and join me on a 7 day experiment following the same procedure above for putting practice.  This being day 1.  Go and get 25 putts in a row at three foot!!!!  She how many times you have to putt to meet your goal.  Come on, if I can do it,  you can do it.

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