Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shopping for Golf shoes can be an adventure!

OMG…Have you ever shopped for golf shoes?  Online?  Well trust me…when you do…you are in for an adventure.  Make sure you have an hour or so for appropriate browse time.  There are hundreds of online sites out there each having special online deals/deals/deals.  I had no idea there are so many brands of ladies golf shoes to shop.  OK, Where to start:  A couple of golf blogs with website suggestions, women’s online sports apparel vendors like  and I was well on my way to golf shoe cyberspace.  Two hours later I emerged with a list.  I will post a list of my fav websites at the end of this post.  My fav’s so far are Nike,  Footjoy, Calloway, and Adidas.  Though it is very tempting to purchase online with these very great deals….I hesitate…take a deep breath and put away the credit card.   AAArggg, that was harder than I thought.  I decided that I need to visit a couple local stores to try on a few pair to see which shoes give me the best fit. Yes, that is the practical thing to do.   I will be playing golf in the summer in Texas so I need a shoe that breathes and as well as gives me a good support for high arches.  I prefer a shoe that is not real stiff, gives me flexibility and has more width.  Hummmmm, what to do.  I remember seeing a Golfsmith store in Frisco, Texas beside the mall.  I called the pro, Gordon Bass, great guy.  We had a delightful chat about sporting equipment.  Find a store near you on (click on the word zip code and it will bring up a map, click on your state to find your store location directory).   I called the husband at work to see if he wanted to eat out tonight J and visit the local Golfsmith store.  While I try on shoes and chat with the pro, he can check out some drivers in the pro pit.  He said “ok let’s go”.  Sounds like a plan.  I love it when a good plan comes to together, don’t you.

So what kind of ladies golf shoes will it be…Nike Womens Air Summer Lite, Footjoy Greenjoys,   or the Footjoy Women’s LoPro or Adidas Isabella.   

Stay tuned for the results.

Oh, did I mention that I have not been able to get out to the golf course since we have 5 inches of snow on the ground!!!!!  So much for the fine winter days in January in McKinney, Texas.  As soon as it clears up, I will be scheduling my first lesson.  In the meantime, finding equipment and furthering my reading in Golf for Dummies is on the agenda. FORE!!!

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